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  Our laser engraving system consists of a computer, scanner, and a laser engraver. Using popular software packages such as CorelDRAW and ADOBE Photoshop, in conjunction with our scanner, we can generate custom graphic images that we "print" to the laser engraver.
   It's as easy as printing to a laser jet printer. But, instead of putting ink onto paper, the laser engraver uses a high intensity beam to burn the image into the surface of the material being engraved. The laser beam can also be used to cut out shapes and logo's in a wide variety of materials such as wood, acrylic or other non-metal materials.
  Name and ID Tags  
We can create plastic & metal name and ID tags in several catchy colors, and in any size ranging from 1/8" wide up to a full 11 x 17. These can be produced from our standard designs, or from your custom specifications.

Most name tags are 1" x 3" plastic, with your choice of a pin backing or a pocket magnet. There are 4 standard styles to choose from:

  • Style 1 - 1 Line with Name Only
  • Style 2 - 2 Lines with Name and Position
  • Style 3 - Company Logo Offset to One Side, 1 Line with Name Only
  • Style 4 - Company Logo Offset to One Side, 2 Lines with Name and Position

We also engrave metal product identification tags, and mold schematic tags for molds and industrial machinery. Our anodized aluminum engraving material is corrosion free, scratch resistant, and able to withstand high temperatures.
A proud supplier of many Tool and Mold Shops like:

  • Circle 5 Tool and Mold
  • Sellick Equipment
  • Briadco Tool & Mold
  • Briadco Fixture
  • Lakeshore Fixture and Gauge
  • Twin Mold
Plaques are available in solid wood or a colourful laminate. You can have the engraving done directly into the plaque or have a plate engraved and put on. Solid wood plaques come in Oak, Walnut or Cherry wood. There are many colours to choose from in the laminate wood.
  Awards - Custom Gifts - Glass  
We supply awards for all types of events from sports to public speaking. Numerous options are avialable to choose from such as: self standing resin awards, medallions, trophies, and acrylics. No matter what the event our customized engraved awards will have you covered
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